Hey guys! Happy Wednesday! It’s been a very BUSY week for me so far & I’m already looking so forward to a relaxing weekend.

We celebrated Valentine’s Day this past weekend with a mini getaway to Asheville, NC. I booked us a dome with Asheville Glamping about 5 months ago, thinking it would be a great surprise for Tristan. We stayed in Dome #2 and it really was super cool, but it was more like camping than ‘glamping,’ in my opinion. When I booked it, I read that it had a bathroom, and honestly skipped over all the rest of the details until a few days before we went. Just so happens, the bathroom does not have any running water during the winter months (Nov-Feb). There was a port-o-potty a few feet away from the door to the dome. Luckily enough, the dome did have a heater that worked great (it stops working if the temps fall below 35). Inside of the dome was so cute with lanterns draped across the top, banners, little hanging succulents, and a beautiful view of the mountains. It was about 25 minutes from downtown Asheville. I would honestly probably never stay in one of the domes again, mainly because I’m not a camping kind of person. I’m terrified at night in the middle of nowhere surrounded by complete darkness… I love lights & the sounds of the city around me. I also don’t love having to use bottled water to brush my teeth & wash my face in 40 degree weather. I would absolutely recommend going & staying in one of their domes during the months of March-October because the bathroom would have running water & it would be much warmer. They also have awesome airstreams that I would love to check out sometime.

So, we got in on Friday afternoon, had a glass of wine at the dome, then headed downtown for dinner. We ate at Red Ginger Dimsum & Tapas, which was excellent. We shared dumplings, wontons, sushi, & a few other dishes.

Saturday morning we headed to West Asheville, grabbed coffee & banana bread from Battlecat Coffee Bar, then explored that area a little. We really wanted to have breakfast at Biscuit Head, but the line was wrapped around the building at 10:30 am, so we opted for West End Bakery & Cafe. We had bagels which were good, but certainly nothing to rave about. We headed over to the River Arts District to walk around, checked out a few of the artists (loved the glass blowing & pottery), then went to Pleb Urban Winery for wine flights. After leaving there, we went back over to Biscuit Head around 2:30 pm & were able to get in because they close at 3. We had the pulled pork & fried chicken biscuits, which were both SO delicious! We definitely understood the hype after we tried them. We went back to the dome briefly to freshen up & change because the temperatures were dropping fast that day! We met my friend Madelyn at Burial Brewery downtown, then walked over to Urban Orchard Cider Co. They have the most interesting flavors of cider so did flights & I honestly loved all of the ones we tried. From there, we walked over to Ben’s Tune Up to grab dinner & that was a really unusual, super cool place. We shared the ‘pupu platter’ & the wonton BBQ nachos & they were both really yummy.

I was excited to try Curate after so many people recommended it, but the only reservation we were able to get all weekend was Sunday morning at 10am (when they open). We went for breakfast & were both SO SO glad we did. It was DELICIOUS! Well worth the trip & absolutely lived up to the hype. We loved the fried potatoes, french toast special, & goat cheese stuffed peppers. After breakfast, we drove along the Blue Ridge Parkway for a bit & then headed back to Charlotte!

All in all, it was a really great weekend. We ate amazing food, had a lot of great wine & cider, I got to catch up with an old friend, & we enjoyed the beautiful mountains. Tell me about your Valentine’s Day weekend in the comments below!!