Hi everyone, happy Wednesday! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted… I’ve been busy planning a few of our upcoming trips and I wanted to share my absolute favorite travel essentials!

  • Packing Cubes

    • These have made packing SO much easier. I separate everything into a cube - shoes, tops, dresses, swimsuits, accessories, etc. It makes it super simple to stay organized and not forget or misplace anything. You can find them HERE in a few different colors and designs!

  • Travel Bottles

    • These are crucial for me when traveling because I prefer to pack as light as possible and not check luggage. I use these for my face wash, moisturizer, and hair products that are larger than 4 oz. One of the cutest sets I’ve found are THESE from Ulta.

  • Skincare Travel Kit

    • I always pack a few face masks and makeup removing wipes when I travel and THIS super cute kit packs together makeup remover wipes, a sheet mask, peel-off mask, AND moisturizer altogether in a travel kit.

  • Manicure Kit

    • I try to get my nails done prior to every trip but I always bring along THIS manicure kit that includes all of the essentials for self-care - tweezers, nail file, clippers, and scissors. All of these items come in handy while traveling, whether it’s cutting tags off of clothing, trimming a toenail, or tweezing a pesky eyebrow hair.

  • Mini Deodorant

    • Kopari’s aluminum-free deodorant in coconut scent is my new favorite and the mini size is perfect for traveling!

  • Mini Tanning Mousse

    • I also always apply self-tanner OR get a spray tan prior to a trip, but I ALWAYS bring along a mini tanning mousse for touch-ups. Especially in the case of a longer trip, my tan usually starts to fade and I can touch it up each evening.

  • Suncare Travel Kit

    • I never leave the house without some form of SPF because keeping my skin healthy and safe is my top priority. THIS suncare travel kit from Coola is especially essential in the case of beach vacations, but can be beneficial on any trip. It includes SPF moisturizer, sunscreen spray, SPF for lips, and after sun lotion.

  • Eye Masks

    • Just like face masks, I never leave home without my favorite eye masks. Long flights, jet lag, and busy days mean traveling can be extremely exhausting. I use these masks every night or every other night to keep the dark circles and puffiness in check.

  • Hand Sanitizer

    • I discovered THIS Honest Beauty spray hand sanitizer a few months ago and it’s my new favorite. I never leave the house with it but always carry it close when I’m flying!

  • Hair Care Travel Kit

    • Last but certainly not least, can’t forget hair care! I always bring along volume shampoo, conditioner, root booster, and argan oil. THIS kit from Morrocanoil is my favorite.

Comment below and share YOUR favorite travel must-haves and tell me where you’re headed on your next vacay!