Last year my birthday present from Tristan was a surprise trip to CUBA. I had been really wanting to go and he completely surprised me with the flights. My sis Julie joined along when she heard we were going and we were there for 5 days in May. 

Cuba Travel Tips:

1. Taxi company: 24/7 hotline you can dial locally in Cuba:

2. Enable ROAMING on phone: Avoid texting (massive delays in delivery), calling is quicker!

3. Cuban Visa: Buy at the airport for $100 round-trip

4. WIFI: You can often buy wifi cards (1 hour of internet) for around 3 CUC. The people who sell them are hanging out in parks/near hotels. We bought ours across the street from our airbnb & used the wifi at the hotel next door.


Our Itinerary:

Day 1:

Once we landed & checked into our airbnb, we made our way to Old Havana for lunch at El del Frente, a place someone recommended we check out for their mojitos and rooftop! The food was MEH but the mojitos sure were good! Address: 303 O'Reilly, Havana, Cuba 

We went to the Partagas Cigar Factory, where you can take a tour, which we didn't do, but we did buy cigars from a guy that took us behind the building and into basically a living room. Address: Calle Industria 520

Checked out Azucar Lounge & Bar for daiquiris & a very nice view! Address: Mercaderes 315 Teniente Rey & Vieja., Muralla

We had dinner at Rio Mar, on the water - AMAZING food & atmostphere! Highly recommend. Address: 3ra y Final # 11, La Puntilla, Miramar, Havana


Day 2:

Friday, May 12:

I don't remember much about this day except that we had dinner at El Cocinero - really good food and a cool rooftop. Address: Calle 26, e/11 and 13, Vedado (next to the Puente de Hierro). TIP: Make reservation to eat on second floor, drinks first on roof.


Day 3:

We took a cab (2 hours each way) to Varadero Beach, probably the MOST amazing, beautiful beaches I've ever been to in my life. We got dropped off at Casa del Al, a restaurant ON the beach and we were literally the only people in sight. 

After the cab ride back to Havana, we had dinner at La Guarida - we ate on the roof because we couldn’t get reservations and the food was decent and the view was nice - the second floor has a full menu so I'd recommend trying to make a reservation. Address: 418 Concordia, La Habana


Day 4:

We had churros from the guy on the corner of Aguacate and Obispo - whatever you do TRY THESE!!! They are SO GOOD - prob the best thing we ate the entire trip.