Happy FriYAY everyone!

I'm pretty sure many people would agree with me that they couldn't live without their iPhones. I certainly feel lost without mine, and while I think an occasional tech break can do some good, I love how much easier iPhone apps make my life! Below are the 5 most important apps that I couldn't live without.

Comment below & tell me what apps YOU couldn't live without! xo Leah


Mint is a free app that I use to manage my money & track my spending. I love it because it brings ALL of my accounts together in one place. You can manage bills, credit cards, loans, investments, and track your credit score, all in one app. It's been a life-saver for me!


2. adobe Lightroom CC

I edit all of my Instagram & Blog photos on Lightroom CC, the free mobile app version of Adobe Lightroom. I use the preset that I created myself - Look On The Bright Side. There are so many great presets out there, for free and for sale, that you can use to enhance all of your photos right on your mobile device! You can download my preset for free by subscribing to my newsletter on my homepage


3. Sweat 

You can try this app out for free for 7 days, but after that the subscription is $19.99/month. And for me, it's 100% worth it! I started Kayla Itsines' BBG program 5 weeks ago, after hearing so many positive reviews and seeing the amazing results others were achieving from the program. I've already seen such a great improvement in my overall body tone and appearance, but what I love the most about the app is how simple it makes your workouts. Three 28 minute workouts per week, two low-intensity cardio days, and one rest day, with an optional challenge. You can do the workouts anywhere, with minimal equipment needed! Now that I'm hooked, I couldn't live without this app!


4. Hopper

I use Hopper to track flight prices for every trip I'm planning! As soon as I start the planning process, I set up alerts for all of the dates I could potentially fly and for all of the airports in the vicinity of the place I'm going. Hopper alerts you when you should book or let's you know you should wait for a better price. I don't book my flights directly through Hopper but once it says the prices are the cheapest, I search Google Flights, and book through there! It's pretty accurate and I've saved a lot of money using Hopper's predictions!


5. Preview

This free app is a must-have if you are a blogger or entrepreneur like me, or just trying to up your Instagram game! It allows you to upload unlimited pictures, design and plan your Instagram feed, schedule posts, manage captions, generate hashtags, and view analytics and insights. It's been a game-changer for me in regards to my Instagram feed.