HI! I can't believe it's almost February. I've spent most of January trying to get focused and really plan out my goals for 2018. I got a great start on my New Year's Resolutions and wanted to share those and my goals for the year with you guys. 


1. Health:

I made a resolution to work out at least 4 times per week, 3 times/week at Madabolic + 1-2 times at Corepower Yoga. I started working out at Madabolic in September and have been fairly consistent but I decided to start the year fully committed to going at least 3 times per week. I can see the difference in my body so quickly after a few weeks of consistency and I feel SO much more energetic and accomplished on days that I go. I slacked at going to yoga during 2017 and I've just really felt like I needed to get back to it. I love the Hot Power Fusion and CP2 classes at Corepower. They help me relax, sweat out my stress, and clear my mind, while stretching my body and increasing my flexibility and balance.

The other aspect of my health resolution was to change my diet for the better. Tristan and I ate out A LOT, especially ordering takeout throughout 2017. We've gotten a lot more consistent with eating at home, using fresh ingredients, and experimenting in the kitchen. Tristan really loves cooking when he gets home from work to relax and decompress and I definitely can't say I mind. We've been using Green Blender, a smoothie subscription service that delivers fresh fruits, greens, and other ingredients to make daily smoothies. It's been a great meal replacement, especially the ones with pea protein, for breakfast.


2. Reading:

Last year, I bought a lot of books and set them on a shelf and never read them, using the excuse that I didn't have time. I committed myself to reading 1 book per month this year, or more. I used to love reading, it was my favorite pastime. Some of the books I'm planning to read this year include...

January: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert - almost done & will post a review soon! Comment below if you've read it with your opinion/favorite part.

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert 

Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

I'd love any suggestions you have to add to the list!

3. Blogging:

A major goal for me in 2018 is to up my blogging game. I always blog for awhile and then stop so one of my resolutions was to post once per week on the blog and get more creative and engaged with my followers. I just got a new Canon EOS Rebel T6 so I'm looking forward to some really fun photoshoots, learning to shoot videos, and all of the travel I have planned this year.


4. Financial:

I'm sure everyone has a place in mind they'd ideally like to be financially but I came along way on my financial goals towards the end of 2017 and I have some really great strategies in place to get me to an even better place by end of 2018. One of my favorite apps that I use to track my budget and bills is Mint. I highly recommend it to anyone needing help with keeping track of all credit cards, accounts, investments, bills, and their credit score in one place.


5. Wedding Planning:

Of course a large majority of my 2018 will consist of wedding planning and while I got a huge jumpstart on the planning at the end of last year, I still have a ways to go. I'm committed to not letting myself get stressed and making this process as fun, carefree, and exciting as possible with the end goal of having the perfect fairytale wedding in October.


6. Beauty:

I started the year off with an appointment with my dermatologist and starting a new skincare regiment to eliminate some lingering acne and start the process of getting rid of my acne scarring by the wedding. My resolutions include monthly facials, weekly masks, using vitamin E oil on my skin, and castor oil to grow my lashes. 


That's it! I would love to hear about your goals and resolutions for 2018 as well as any suggestions or ideas you have regarding mine! Leave a comment below.

xo Leah