1. stay hydrated!

    • The first thing I do when I get through security at the airport is buy a LARGE bottle of water to take onto the plane! You never know how long it will be before you get a beverage & tiny cups of lukewarm water isn’t going to cut it.

  2. Pick your seat wisely

    • I always pick my seat very deliberately, especially for a long flight. If there is a “comfort plus” option, I pay a little extra to have more legroom & a more desirable seat in general. I try to be close to the bathroom & as close to the front as possible.

  3. Bring noise cancelling headphones!

    • Tristan has had the Bose ones for awhile & he got me a pair as a gift recently & they are life-changing! I put them on as soon as I’m settled into my seat & don’t take them off the entire flight. They drain out all of the plane noise & people around you.

  4. don’t forget a neck pillow!

    • So so so important on a long flight! It’s already very uncomfortable to try & sleep well on a plane but without a good, firm neck pillow, I can’t imagine how awful it would be! Splurge on a quality one & you won’t regret it.

  5. pack an eye mask

    • These can be so beneficial, especially on red eye or extremely long flights. I pop one on once I’m settled in & usually can doze right off.

  6. bring our coziest sweater!

    • Probably my number one must have on a flight is a cozy sweater. You never know if it’ll be hot or cold on the plane, so I always wear a t-shirt & bring a sweater. Wrapping up in your softest, coziest sweater can be so comforting & relaxing on a long flight.

  7. pack your own green tea

    • I drink a cup of green tea (decaffeinated) every night before bed & it’s one of those things that relaxes me & really helps me shut down before bed. I bring my own tea bags when I fly, ask for a cup of hot water, & bam, relaxation here I come.

  8. take your own snacks

    • You never know what kind of snacks you’ll get on the plane & let’s face it, most likely they won’t be healthy or appealing. I always pack a bag of nuts (almonds, cashews, pistachios), dark chocolate, & dried fruit for flights. Pack your favorite snacks & never worry about going hungry on a long flight again.

  9. take melatonin

    • So helpful for falling asleep, I can’t imagine not having it on a red eye or long flight! I wouldn’t recommend it for flights under 6 hours, because it can definitely make you a little groggy when you wake up.

  10. bring a portable phone charger

    • JUST IN CASE your seat doesn’t have power, the outlet isn’t working, or you need to charge both your phone & iPad. it’s always helpful to have our own portable charger with you.

  11. moisturize!

    • Flights always dry my face & hands out so badly so I always pack face moisturizer & hand lotion & apply it throughout long flights.

  12. download more than enough to watch or listen to

    • I’ve learned my lesson in the past by not downloading anything to watch & being miserably bored on long flights or being subjected to watch whatever is available from the airline. You never know what options they will have so it’s best to download more than enough tv shows, movies, podcasts, music, and/or audible books.